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        • Jinan City, Shandong Province, China
        About the company


        Our mission: scientific and technological innovation, creating value for users and winning friends for enterprises

        Our Vision: Create Chinese Famous Brands and Produce World-Class Products

        Enterprise Philosophy: Continuous self-improvement, continuous struggle, continuous improvement, "smart" makes the future

        Entrepreneurial spirit: the market is the sea, the enterprise is the ship, the quality is the sail, and the people are the helmsmen.

        Corporate slogan: Wonderful wisdom, trust in the future

        Corporate values: professional because of persistence;

        Customer success, innovation as the key, integrity and responsibility

        Quality concept: Product quality is first designed and then manufactured. Quality control should be advanced from the manufacturing stage to the design stage.

        Service concept: Service only has a starting point, satisfaction does not have an ending

        Safety concept: Put safety in your heart, put your heart in safety

        Environmental protection concept: Green Mountain and Green Mountain are Jinshan and Yinshan

        Talent concept: We are all strugglers, we are all dreamers, this is a "us" business, not a personal achievement

        Team concept: All glory and glory, all losses; loss can only go further, and Tongde can go closer.

        Industry applications: automotive manufacturing, agricultural machinery, electronic cabinets, kitchen cabinets, sheet metal production, machinery manufacturing, large heavy industry, medical equipment, fitness equipment, advertising decoration

        Asutomotive manufacturing
        Agricultural machinery
        electronic cabinets
        kitchen cabinets
        sheet metal production

        We Are In History

        Our goal is to help our companies maintain or achieve best- in-class positions in their
        respective industries and our team works.

        Steps to Reach Success

        Our goal is to help our companies maintain or achieve best- in-class positions in their
        respective industries and our team works.

        Initial Interaction

        You can easily contact us through a variety of ways, we will promptly arrange professional staff to serve you

        visit company

        The sales manager will show the customer around the production site and the workshop

        reach a consensus

        After observing the customer recognized the enterprise, reached a consensus to sign the production order contract.


        The professional transportation team will ensure that the equipment can reach the customer on schedule