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        • Jinan City, Shandong Province, China

        Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

        intelligent laser cutting equipment
        Product Description

        AE3015A Heavy duty sheet Metal fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with fiber laser power from 500 watt to 3000 watt.L-AE3015A Heavy duty sheet Metal fiber laser cutting machine is designed for sheet metal cutting.It is single table,open type.It is heavy duty with 4500KG weight.

        Product Parameters

        AE-A Series laser cutting machine parameter

        Model AE3015A AE4020A AE6025A AE8025A
        Laser Power 500w to 3000w
        Working area 3000mm x 1500mm 4000mm x2000mm 6000mm x 2500mm 8000mm x 2500mm
        Max.acceleration 1.2G
        Max.move speed 120/min
        Positioning accuracy 0.03mm
        repeated positioning accuracy 0.02mm

        Product advantages
        • Professional mechanical design

          Reasonable structure to ensure stable operation even very high speed. the imported transmission component, higher degree of bite, precision, can ensure the precision of the machined parts during high-speed processing.

          Precision deep processing, high temperature tempering,quenching treatment, stress relief, guarantee the stability of the machine bed, prolong the service life of the bed, 20 years without deformation.Gantry is finished by five-sided milling, ensure assembly and installation Accuracy

        • Energy saving and environmental friendly

          Professional circuit design can save power by 10% compared with the same industry.

          No noise during processing, protect the environment and human health

          Can be connected to dust removal and environmental protection equipment to achieve zero emissions of hazardous substances.

        • High material utilization

          High conversion efficiency, less processing waste, no dust pollution, and low gas consumption

          Intelligent cutting and nesting software, which can automatically typeset and save material and processing time


        Machine bed

        Precision deep processing, high temperature tempering,quenching treatment, stress relief

        Machine bed work stability and long life time.20 years without deformation.

        Cast aluminum beam

        Artificial aging treatment,solid solution treatment and thick finishing,its hardness can reach T6 standard.

        Corrosion resistant,anti-oxidant,good toughness and ductility.

        Light weight.High speed and high flexibility.Smooth and flat edges?

        Laser cutting head

        High-tightness excited focus cutting head with good effect, less consumables and higher processing efficiency;

        Adopt internationally famous brand lasers, with safety and security guaranteed

        Professional cooling systems

        Professional?cooling systems, refrigeration temperatures are shown in table

        the water temperature in excess of the prescribed temperature refrigeration unit automatically when?cooling

        refrigeration unit automatically stops when the water temperature below the specified temperature refrigeration.

        When the water temperature is lower than the specified temperature, the refrigeration unit will stop automatically.

        Transmission system

        high-precision rack and pinion, reducer, high matching, better machine performance.

        Application material

        Professional for cutting a variety of sheet metal, For carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized sheet, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, galvanized sheet, acid wash plate, copper, aluminum and other metal sheet metal cutting.

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