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      1. 3D Robot fiber cutting machine

        Product Description

        Through independent innovation and technological research and development,LASERAE?Automation introduced a three-dimensional fiber laser cutting machine that uses a gantry fixed upside-down robot or a vertical fixed robot base, a fiber laser to flexibly transmit high-quality lasers to the cutting head, and independently developed PLC integrated control robots, lasers And other parts for special-shaped processing of automotive three-dimensional parts.This equipment mainly produces parts with a thickness of 0.5-6mm. It has the characteristics of convenient processing of three-dimensional parts, low investment cost, low use cost and maintenance, and simple operation. The launch of?LASERAE?3D laser cutting machine broke the monopoly of the foreign market in the automotive industry. It replaced traditional processing methods, reduced mold investment, greatly shortened the development cycle of automobile manufacturers and component suppliers, and improved processing efficiency And the precision of cutting the workpiece reduces the production cost.

        Product Parameters

        Robot Brand



        Reaching radius


        Re-positioning accuracy

        Actual cutting accuracy








        Recommended, suitable for precision cover cutting, large cutting area, good at ultra-deep workpieces, high cost performance













        Suitable for high precision cutting occasions

        Product advantages
        • Professional mechanical design

          Reasonable structure to ensure stable operation even very high speed. the imported transmission component, higher degree of bite, precision, can ensure the precision of the machined parts during high-speed processing.

          Precision deep processing, high temperature tempering,quenching treatment, stress relief, guarantee the stability of the machine bed, prolong the service life of the bed, 20 years without deformation.Gantry is finished by five-sided milling, ensure assembly and installation Accuracy

        • Energy saving and environmental friendly

          Professional circuit design can save power by 10% compared with the same industry.

          No noise during processing, protect the environment and human health

          Can be connected to dust removal and environmental protection equipment to achieve zero emissions of hazardous substances.

        • High material utilization

          High conversion efficiency, less processing waste, no dust pollution, and low gas consumption

          Intelligent cutting and nesting software, which can automatically typeset and save material and processing time


        Fast Laser cutting speed,shorten product production cycle?
        Fiber laser generators are more efficient than Co2 lasers in energy conversion efficiency, so they are more energy efficient and cost effective. The compiled program no longer leaves the manual correction amount, but is a 3D processing program that is completely consistent with the theoretical trimming line. It is directly used for cutting products. It can ensure that the cutting process is always consistent with the actual trimming state

        Narrow cutting slit,good cutting quality

        Because the traditional mechanical knife is replaced by an invisible light beam, the mechanical part of the laser cutter head has no contact with the work and will not cause scratches on the work surface during the work; the heat affected zone of the cutting is small, the deformation of the plate is small, and the slit is narrow 0.1mm ~ 0.3mm);

        High degree of automation and easy operation

        Programming control system, human-machine interface operation is more clear and simple, high degree of automation and more humane. The program compiled by the engineer is very clear and intuitive. As long as the operation manual is optimistic, the operator can use it after short-term training.

        No pollution during processing

        During the fiber laser processing, there is no harmful gas, noise and danger. Concentrated laser beam without heat diffusion greatly improves the working environment for operators.

        No tool wear during processing and long life time

        Because it is non-contact processing, the energy and moving speed of the high energy laser beam can be adjusted. There is no need to change tools, and it is not necessary to calculate the amount of tool wear, which is simpler to use.

        When the water temperature is lower than the specified temperature, the refrigeration unit will stop automatically.

        High processing reliability,strong stability,and basically maintenance free

        Fiber laser has the characteristics of small size, low energy consumption, long life, high stability, maintenance-free, multi-band, green environmental protection, etc. It has superior beam quality, stable performance, and ultra-high photoelectric conversion efficiency.


        ?Widely used in various manufacturing industries such as aerospace, automobile manufacturing, lamp manufacturing, mold manufacturing, medical equipment, hardware, decoration, kitchenware, metal external processing services, etc.

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